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Image by Fleur

How does it Measure Up?

Horizontal Measurement

  1. Measure from wall to wall at 36" height.

  2. Measure from corner to window or door opening.

  3. Measure across opening from trim edge to trim edge.

  4. Measure from edge of trim to far wall. Compare sum of #2, #3 and #4 measurements to step #1.

  5. Mark exact location of water, drain, gas lines and electrical outlets and switches on drawing.

  6. Measure from wall to wall above window and compare to #1.


Vertical Measurement


    7. Measure from floor to window sill.

    8. Measure from window sill to top of window.

    9. Measure from top of window to ceiling.

   10. Measure from floor to ceiling. Compare to sum of #7, #8 and #9.

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